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Using Google Analytics

Increase your sales by using our Search Engine Marketing services and Email Marketing. Why would you spend a lot of money building a website that is never found by any potential customers?

You need your website to be found easily and we offer a number of ways to do this, using on-page optimisation, link development, social media promotion and blogging. Our experts will be able to lift your website to higher position in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, which should lead to more customers and more sales if you have a product or service that people want. By using tools such as Google Analytics we can also recommend actions you should take to increase your order conversion rate.




We have a proven process that can follow up any website development we do but can also be used on existing websites, which are under-performing.

See the diagram on the left that explains our strategy for achieving success and attracting more visitors to your website.

See this Search Engine Marketing document (PDF format) produced by my development partners which explains our services in more detail. Feel free to contact us for more details.

Email Marketing.

Our Email Marketing system can be integrated with any new or existing website and provides the following features :

  • gives website visitors the ability to easily subscribe to your email newsletters online
  • also allows you to upload your own list of contacts
  • a professional HTML email message that you can edit yourself just like your website pages – with links to your website page that you can monitor
  • the ability to schedule your message for the best possible day and time
  • an automatic “unsubscribe” reducing the administration work for your mailing list
  • an “opt-in” feature that ensures everyone is happy to receive your email, avoids “spam” and follows the strict legal guidelines about email marketing
  • includes tracking reports so you can see who has opened your email and what links they have clicked on as well as checking for bounced messages
  • is a cheaper solution than many others on the market

All of these features enable you to make your email marketing more targeted, effective, regular and measurable. You can monitor which items arouse the most interest and ensure these are the things you follow-up on.

Why not combine this facility with online discount vouchers to encourage and reward customer loyalty?