We can provide small businesses with a hosted intranet or extranet solution, a Knowledge Management and Collaboration system to match many expensive systems used by larger companies.

hosted intranet screenshot

An “Intranet” provides a private, secure system for a business to share knowledge amongst its employees.
An “Extranet” provides a private, secure system for a number of companies to share knowledge and collaborate. (e.g. a construction project, a design team, a supply chain).
Flexible security allows different users to only read or update what you allow.

What can it do for me?

  • Wide range of applications provided, including Document Control, Discussion forum, Knowledge Base, shared calendars and Contact manager (CRM), saving investment in other software.
  • All applications can be company-wide and you can have other versions for different projects, teams and departments which may involve external people.
  • All data is hosted on secure powerful servers – you don’t have to worry about server costs, software costs, maintenance, backups etc.
  • Files can be synchronised between your PC and Intranet folders so updates can be done without thinking.
  • Save employee time and email server space by centrally storing all useful up-to-date company “knowledge” in one place, not in many mailboxes.
  • Ensure your company “knowledge” is not lost when staff leave.
  • Ensure that everyone uses up-to-date information, not different versions of printed manuals sitting in many offices.
  • Provide easy access to company information from any PC in the world.

Hosted shared calendars